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【The day OK!】 3400 yen Course dish 8 items Premium Malts Including fragrant ale 90 minutes with all you can drink

【The day OK!】 3400 yen Course dish 8 items Premium Malts Including fragrant ale 90 minutes with all you can drink

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  • All-you-can-drink available
    Suntory premium malt fragrant ale, all-you-can-drink wine and country rare for 90 minutes

In response to customer's request, we have prepared a banquet which can be booked on the same day! It is best for second meeting, or when you decide to have a party in a hurry! Always tell at the time of reservation!

Course menu

■ Today's small bowl dish

■ Today's sashimi 5 varieties

Steamed Shakiyaki vegetables and pork

■ Today's salad

Deep-fried sweet shrimp from hair raised ■

■ Today's dish (meat dish)

■ Makeup raised octopus heaven bukkake Negipon vinegar

■ Board near the end

※ The content is the chef's director, and it may be changed.Please note.※ We will accept orders even individually.

All-you-can-drink menu

· BEER / Sake
· Suntory premium malt scenting ale mid jug or small glass / country rare cold or 燗
· Country rare cocktail
· Salmon tonic / Country dilution mojito / plum shrimp squash / cold wind Yuzu sparkling / golden cape Brad / Chardonnay champagne style country rare / national rare lemon ginger / sunset beach / rain Country rare / cherry fragrant country rare / yuzu smell country Rare / Japanese salty / Makeup Cooler / Maseno Splitzer
· Sour / tea discount
· Grapefruit Sour / Lime Sour / Lemon Sour / Yuumitsu Sour / Momo Sour / Blood Orange Sour / Pink Grape Sour / Calpis Sour / Oolong Hi / Green Tea High
Major shochu
· Osugi (potato) / Satsuma principle (potato) / You tannibare (potato) or (wheat) / barley shochu
· Juicy Pine / Cassis Orange / Cassis Oolong / Cassis Pine / Blueberry Orange / Peach Orange / Peach Oolong / Pine and Pink Grapefruit / Double Blood Orange / Yuzu Calpis / Ichigo Calpis / Momo Calpis / Apple Calspis
· Horn Ball / Yuzu Hi Ball / Apple High Ball / Grapefruit High Ball / Blood Orange High Ball
·Soft drink
· Coca · Cola / Gingeraire / Oolong Tea / Orange Juice / Green Tea / Calpis / Pine Juice
· Japanese sake highball
· Mashed apples apple high ball / hot weather high mountain high ball / Shirane Falls highball
·Red and white
Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

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