February 1 - March 17 until 3700 yen course 9 dishes 90 minutes with all you can drink
3700 yen

Popular 3700 yen (tax included) Banquet course ☆ All 9 items Main pan can be selected from 6 types!


■ You can choose the main!

· Shabu-shabu after cold weather

· Pork bone pork dumpling pot (♪ is ramen)

· Tokachi herb cow's shabu-shabu

Steamed braised red snapper

· Seafood salt pan pot (♪ is ramen)

· Fresh chicken cooked sticky soy saucepan (Deleted ramen)

■ Assorted 5 varieties of fresh fish sashimi of the day

Broiled bacon and spinach salad

Deep-fried crispy in cold weather

~ Fish and chips style ~

■ Grilled chicken

~ Chicken's Genghis Khan style ~

■ Deep fried chicken with oden radish

~ Engraved yam and Japanese style fighting ~

■ Norimori fat Yaki mackerel rice dish

~ Popular mackerel in banquet! Resurrection !! ~

■ Dead plate soba (Chanko hotpot, dumpling pot, soy saucepans are ramen)

■ homemade desserts

※ contents changed with purchase situation

※ The number of people changes until the previous day.Cancellation on the day will be charged the cancellation fee for cooking fee.

It is the amount of 1,000 yen drinking all you can drink from the price of the course.