Forgotten Year party 6500 yen 7 dishes Seafood meat Shabu Shabu course 90 minutes with all you can drink
6500 yen

Suntory Premium Malts with fragrant ale, 90 minutes drink all-you-can-eat with 2 kinds of seafood and meat shabu-shabu


■ Assorted sashimi (6 varieties)

■ Snow crab and abalone, fresh fish shabu shabu

■ Shiraoi cow and aged black pig's shabu-shabu

■ Four seafood skewers deep-fried

■ 55 days aged beef tenderloin meat and 2 seeds of Niigata prefecture snow room aged pig

■ Ginkgo and true deep fried eggplant

■ Dinner of rice or board near the end of the day

※ Desserts are not included, Buramanja of Hojicha or Kinako Warabimo rice cake is attached with one person + 100 yen.

We will correspond also to the number of people.

※ The number of people changes until the previous day.Cancellation on the day will be charged a cancellation fee for cooking fee.

It is the amount of 1,000 yen for all you can drink from the price of the course.